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How to inject ABS material

How to inject ABS material? ABS has its fine advantages and has been widely used in home appliance parts, electric parts and automotive parts, etc. But how to make sure good quality ABS molding part?

ABS molding solution:
1. ABS raw material needs 2 to 4 hours drying under 70-80℃.
2. Add UV inhibitor or other related additive, can help improve ABS material anti-aging ability.
3. Thickness of ABS part should within 1.5-5mm, part surface should be smooth.
4. Shrinkage of ABS part should within 0.3% - 0.6%, note shrinkage on the finished part.
5. Diameter of ABS mould runner section should larger than 5mm.
6. Barrel temperature of ABS injection molding machine can within 160-220℃; nozzle temperature can within 170-180℃.
7. Injection pressure can within 60-120MPa.
8. Slow ABS material melting flow speed is better for quality and strength of ABS part.


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