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How to use window wiper to clean window?

How to use window wiper to clean window?


1.The window is scrubbed horizontally on one side and vertically on the other so that we can see which side of the window has stripes. Use a rubber broom mounted on a long handle, or use a combination of sponges and rubber broom tools to clean large windows to avoid leaving a scratch.

2. For slight scratches on glass, they can be removed by applying toothpaste to the damaged area. It's best to clean windows on cloudy days, because if exposed to direct sunlight, the cleaning agent will be dried before the windows are ready.

3.Use a soft toothbrush or cotton swab to clean the corner of the window.

4.To make the windows brighter, you can use clean cotton T Shirt or old diapers to wipe them. You can also use a clean blackboard to wipe the windows just after they have been cleaned and dried, and then the windows will shine like diamonds. Newspapers can also be used to clean windows, at the same time, the newspaper will leave a film on the glass to resist dirt.

5.Clean the windows from top to bottom so that the cleaned parts are not dirty by the liquid flowing down.


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