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Aluminum casting application

Aluminum die casting parts is a pressure die casting parts, pressure casting machinery use of installed casting mold, die casting machine, heated liquid aluminum or aluminum alloy poured into the feed inlet of the die casting machine, by the die casting machine die casting mold limit the shape and size of the aluminum parts or aluminum parts, such parts are usually called aluminum die casting.
Aluminum die castings in different places have different names, such as aluminum die casting parts, die-cast aluminum parts, die-cast aluminum, die-cast aluminum, aluminum die casting, aluminum die casting parts, metal aluminum and aluminum alloy with good fluidity and plasticity, and the casting process the casting pressure die casting machine aluminum die casting can make a variety of more complex shapes can also be made of high precision and finish,
To a large extent reduce the casting and machining and metal aluminum or aluminum alloy of the casting margin, not only saves power, metal materials, but also significant savings in labor costs; aluminum and its alloys have excellent thermal conductivity, the smaller the proportion of high workability; thus the aluminum die casting is widely used in automobile manufacturing, engine production, motorcycle manufacturing, motor manufacturing, oil production, transmission machinery, precision instruments, landscaping, power construction, building and decorating industry. Aluminum die castings can be manufactured for aluminum die-cast auto parts, aluminum die casting automotive engine fittings, aluminum pressure casting engine, cylinder, aluminum die-casting gasoline engine cylinder, cylinder head, valve rocker of aluminum die casting, aluminum die-casting valve bearings, power accessories of aluminum die casting, aluminum die casting motor cover, aluminum die casting shell, aluminum die-casting pump housing parts of the body, aluminum die-cast construction accessories, decorative accessories of
Aluminum die casting, aluminum die casting fence accessories, aluminum die-casting aluminum wheel and so on!


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