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How to Change A Shower Arm and Flange In 5 Minutes

Are you looking to upgrade your old, worn out shower arm and flange? Whether it's just really beat up looking, or you want a different style/length, a shower arm replacement is key to any shower upgrade. And if you never changed a shower arm pipe before, you may have your hesitations. Unlike a shower head installation, the shower arm pipe is threaded into the wall which can look intimidating. But it's actually super easy! In this video, I'm going to show you how to replace your shower arm and flange in less than 5 minutes! I'll be using what I think is the highest quality shower arm and flange on the market. And I've used a lot! Trust me, this one is expensive but it's worth the money. Why have a really nice shower head and not have a nice shower arm to mount it onto? You can buy this shower arm here:


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